Almost Here!

We are only a few days away from the always fabulous Ruffles and Rust Flea Market.  As usual it will be at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe.  Friday night it is open from 5 – 9 and Saturday from 9 – 4.  I am not only going to attend but I have a booth again.  Sadly, I am not sharing with my usual partner, Kiama.  Happily, I have a large, 10 x 15 booth, all to myself.  Thanks to many good friends with large SUV’s, I will be able to fill the space without renting a truck. 

I have been very busy pricing and crafting and have collected so many awesome pieces, so make sure to stop by and say hello!  Lots of rust and a few ruffles and so much in between.  I will start loading tonight so I can get an early start in the morning to set up.  I am very excited and even a little nervous, so wish me luck.  Looking forward to this weekend.  If you stop by on Friday, Kiama will be there!                                                        Yes, that is one messy garage!

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Bellevue Art Fair

On Sunday we went to the Bellevue Art Festival and what a festival it was.  I don’t ever remember there being so many vendors.  Our first stop was to see my friend and very talented jewelry designer, Lane.  I have several pieces that I LOVE but on this trip it was  son Dane who left with a super cool spike pendant.  You can check out Lanes jewelry on his website, Lane works in fine silver and uses lots of jewels. I have two words for his work, statement pieces! People will be stopping you to tell you how fabulous your jewelry is. Whether the piece is big or small, they are all unique and all complete an outfit.
We continued our stroll and I came across a vendor named Chris Giffin that recycled vintage objects into very interesting art sculptures and lighting.

I love how creative all of the pieces were.  She had shadow boxes chock full of assorted objects, free standing sculptures made into birds, lamps made out of galvanized buckets, (which were also made into birds)! There were great little lanterns made out of vintage signs that stood about 8 inches tall. They were so cute.  My favorite piece was the wall hanging with the vintage photo and rusted metal circles. I love the symmetry of the metal with the juxtaposition of the black and white snapshot and the pop of turquoise. I only wish I had more wall space!

Another fascinating vendor was Clarissa Callesen.  Her company is Strange and Wonderful
Things. How apropos! More recycling of fabulous found objects and repurposing of heads! I am just enthralled with the bizarre nature of her work. As soon as I finish my blog, I am going to check out hers at  I can’t wait to read her musings and check out her next show.

We finished up the show by the Bellevue Art Museum where the chalkwalk was the main attraction down the corridor to the vendors.  There were 2 terrific chalk drawings. One was a reproduction of a great masterpiece I think you will recognize, Picasso’s, Girl  With a Mirror and the other, a black and white beauty.  Overall, a great day and impressive show.

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A Few Vintage Camera Finds

I am laughing tonight at how many photos I have taken in the last month.  I don’t know about you but it ebbs and flows in our house.  There were time, especially when the kids were little when I was never without a camera, big or small, then all of a sudden, I was too busy (or too tired) too lug around a camera with an interchangeable giant lens to get the best close ups as possible.  Today with my phone and Instagram, I thought I was set.  I did however find some unexpected fun pics on my trusty Canon.  I would love to share some  of my work from last week!  Enjoy!  Oh, and you can always find me at Gilman Galleries in Issaquah and Tuxedos Antique Mall in Duvall, WA.  Hope to see you there!

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Cool in Issaquah

I forgot just how much work it takes to fill a brand new booth.  I am almost there though and it feels good. Today I spent several hours adding lots of new items that I scavenged over the last 2 weekends. It has taken every spare minute pricing and logging all off the new merchandise but it has been well worth it. Tonight I will continue tagging so I can fill up tomorrow evening when I attend the first Gilman Galleries meeting.  I am looking forward to meeting all of the other vendors.  I am impressed with the quality of vintage finds in Issaquah and so far it seems the clientele agrees with my opinion because I have been selling like crazy.  Here are some photos I took from my space today.  Come in while it’s still cool so you don’t miss out on all of the hot items!!

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Sketchbook Project

I think that this sketchbook project is a really cool idea! It is only $25.00 to get your own book that will travel around the country for all to see!

Check out the website at :

Now I just have to come out with an idea that I can articulate onto the pages of a book that will archived in NY.  Hhmm, a little scary.

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Glamour and drama at the Met Costume Gala

Glamour and drama at the Met Costume Gala.

Rachel wins for most fabulous hat!!!  Page 13


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Back in the Game

This is just a quick note to say, I am back in the game!  I just signed off on a new space in Gilman Galleries today and I couldn’t be more excited.  The last few months have certainly been hectic unpacking from my move but I am almost done.

I am not sure how it could take more than 6 months to unpack but it did.  After a garage sale 2 weeks ago and an office redo, I am ready to do some serious vintage re-selling! I made some room to put new purchases and I am thoroughly excited about the new space.  I am able to move in on June 1st and start the next remodel.  Painting and branding A Mix of Madness in the local market near my house.

I will keep everyone posted on the new house remodel and the new space remodel over the next few weeks.  I look forward to sharing my passion for design, shopping and saving the world by one recycled item at a time!


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